We can draw a positive conclusion after the first events in 2021. Five concerts between 26.02. and 02.03.2021 were the start and at the same time the baptism of fire for the newly developed format WEILLdigital. Due to the applicable lockdown regulations, they were shown exclusively via online stream for the first time.

The feedback from our audience speaks for itself. Throughout, there was only extremely positive feedback on the artistic performances of Katharine Mehrling and Klaus Hoffmann (Feb. 26), Frank Dupree and Simon Höfele (Feb. 27), Jasmin Tabatabai and the David Klein Quartet (Feb. 28), Frederike Haas and Ferdinand von Seebach (March 1), and Vladimir Korneev and band (March 2). The enthusiasm was also for the technical implementation of the new format. An enthusiasm that also gripped the Kurt Weill team. Especially the performance of the film team "Helldunkel Produktionen" under the direction of Björn Kowalewsky.

The total of just under 2,000 ticket code requests also fit into this picture. This is also shown by a small comparison: without Corona, we would have been able to offer a maximum of about 3,500 tickets for the five live concerts. Kurt Weill Fest visitors usually come in pairs. If, as we assume, two people per code enjoyed the concert, the number of spectators could even be increased digitally. We had hoped for this as a small compensation for us, but did not expect it.

At the same time, the audience feedback confirms the goal of internationalizing the audience. We have received responses from many countries, such as the USA, Canada, Australia, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Poland, Netherlands, Belgium, France and England. What is also surprising is the spread throughout the country. Concerts have been received in over 65 major cities and in many other communities. A development that would not have been possible without the expansion of digitalization. We will continue to offer concerts in streaming format with WEILLdigital. WEILLdigital auch weiterhin Konzerte im Streaming-Format anbieten.

However, the digital version will not mean "Instead of that" (song from the Dreigroschen Opera), but live events at the Kurt Weill Festival will still be our main focus. We look forward to enjoying the live events of Part II of the Kurt Weill Festival in late summer with you.

Your team of the Kurt Weill Fest


Photos by Sebastian Köhler