Kurt Weill Fest 2015


Vom Lied zum Song

Artist in Residence 2015

Cornelia Froboess

Millions know her voice, most of the German population can still whistle along with her early hits, and as an actress she has been one of the formative characters on German stages for over forty years – and in 2015 on ours. We are talking about Cornelia Froboess.


Frau Wernicke

The British BBC has been able to reach an audience of millions with the satirical series of the petty-bourgeois Berlinerin "Frau Wernicke" as a fictional character in the "war of the airwaves" against the Hitler Regime. Under this sign stood this year's play with Cornelia Froboess in the leading role, musically supported by Julia Hülsmann.


Katharina Thalbach (Promifaktor)

It was one of the central concerts in the festival "from melody to song", which the long-time chief conductor Ernst Theis presented as the first of two programs with the German State Philharmonic Rheinland-Pfalz. Part of this was a large number of prominent and up-coming singers.


Gentle Chaos

Musician. Performance artist. Experimental filmmaker. Wine maker. Of course, Dieter Meier is the legendary voice of the Swiss Band "Yello" for music fans worldwide. Dieter Meier presented a quiet chaos only for the Kurt Weill festival. Before the concert there was a talk with Dieter Meier.