Kurt Weill Fest 2016


Krenek, Weill & Die Moderne

Artist in Residence 2016

Ernst Kovacic

As a violinist, Ernst Kovacic soon occupied an outstanding place among the soloists of his generation by presenting Bach's solo works, Mozart's violin concertos and his commitment to contemporary music. He performed his work at the Kurt Weill festival.


Nina Hagen

She is respectfully called "Godmother of Punk". She has been on everyone's lips since Michael "forgot the color film“. Nina Hagen never rests and always changes her appearance. She sees the" Revolutionary " of the theater as a teacher of her texts and writes poetry according to his model. In addition, he is also a political role model – and the reason for her appearance.


Die Zaubernacht

Parents and grandparents had to ask their children to be taken to this event, because when a new production of Kurt Weill's magic night was performed in the old theatre, there was little room for adults. Those who got the chance enjoyed a magical ballet production by Tomasz Kajdanski.