Kurt Weill Fest 2018



Artist in Residence 2018

Till Brönner

From the White House to the Kurt Weill festival: after Barack Obama's invitation, he now also accepted ours and presented his exceptional talent in 2018 in our opening concert. Of course, we are talking about Till Brönner, who plays everything from Beethoven and Kurt Weill, to classical and modern, E - and U-music.


Till Brönner & Dieter Ilg

Artist in Residence Till Brönner met double bassist Dieter Ilg. Unlimited musical enjoyment is pre-programmed – in the truest sense. The two don't know Genre boundaries and so there was something for everyone, from Pop fans to jazz veterans to classical music lovers.


Die Dreigroschenoper

Wenn es beim Kurt Weill Fest 2018 galt, „Weill auf die Bühne!“ zu bringen, durfte Die Dreigroschenoper nicht fehlen. In der alten Welt gilt das Werk als Inbegriff Weill’schen Bühnenschaffens, in der neuen Welt sind einige seiner Songs noch heute mindestens ebenso populär wie die Evergreens.


Radio Doria

It has long been rumored that Jan Josef Liefers is not only a first-class actor, but also a gifted singer. In September 2017, he and his Band "Radio Doria" released their second Album – with songs that, according to Jan Josef Liefers, "feel like a hand full of fortune cookies thrown into the air.“

In 2018, he presented this program live at the Kurt Weill festival.