2020 - What are boundaries?


What are boundaries?

Thirty years after German reunification and at a time when borders are being rebuilt rather than dismantled, the concept of a border is to be reconsidered in Dessau, Saxony-Anhalt. At this year's Kurt Weill Fest, discover the meaning of the concept of borders in the context of Weill's life and life's work.

Artist in Residence 2020

Vladimir Korneev

Vladimir Korneev, artist-in-Residence of the Kurt Weill Fest 2020, is a tremendously versatile artist. He is at home on stage as well as in front of the camera, he plays, sings, speaks and dresses Chansons in the Timbre of his unmistakable voice.


Kurt Weill Gala

Tenor Rolando Villazón shares the stage with Tenor Vladimir Korneev, and the soprano Danielle Beckvermit. Their gala addresses how Kurt Weill went beyond borders. The political boundaries, his journey from Germany to France to the USA and how he changed the boundaries of his music genre.


Thomas Quasthoff

In "for you" Thomas Quasthoff reissues great works. He himself is a border crosser who had to endure many adversities due to his physical impairment. Ultimately, he became a gifted opera singer who brings Kurt Weill's music back to us in a very touching way.


Julia Engelmann

"He who delimits others, delimits himself." Words are her profession: poetry slammer Julia Engelmann is probably the best-known Poetry slammer in our country. She recites poems, sings, throws confetti – and answers the question: "What are boundaries?“


The Airport Society

The secret stars of this opera installation crossed borders: Afghan women wrote anonymously from the Taliban occupied territories - exposing themselves to great dangers. In "Unknown I live with you" she works on her works – impressively and emotionally.