Kurt Weill Fest 2010-2014



Imagine you have a talent for writing melodies. Maybe you are sitting in Vladivostok or in Hawaii or in Zerbst and would like to hear what you have just come up with. Of course, not by playing the comb of the neighbor – but properly!

So: with an orchestra, played skillfully by strings and brass, and best of all produced so well that you can pass the recording on to friends, relatives and colleagues. Preferably, of course, not only as an audio recording, but as a small sound movie. Now you will say: there is no such thing, these are beautiful dreams – and we say: there is, we know the person who makes this dream come true.

Of course, you already know that it is GMD Antony Hermus with his irrepressible curiosity who dedicated himself to the festival theme in a very special way with a "Tweetfonie" – through a composition of tweets that you could send in.



"Lang makes you want to puke. Nobody in the whole world is as important as he imagines himself to be. I completely understand why he is so hated everywhere." This is what Kurt Weill wrote to his wife Lotte Lenya about Fritz Lang in 1937. At this time the two worked together on "You and me", a flop performed in 1938, for which Weill composed the music.

The fact that Kurt Weill found Fritz Langs charactor "to puke" – in their joint work did not stop him from professionally shaping the collaboration. Even though Fritz Lang's film "Metropolis" had already failed with critics and audiences 10 years earlier and brought Universum Film AG to the brink of financial ruin due to its escalating costs and its failure, Lang was nevertheless an important figure in the film industry.

A classic, musically fantastically staged by the brilliant musicians of the Ensemble Modern.


Ute Gferer

While she was herself the divine Venus in Kurt Weill's "one Touch of Venus" at the 2010 Kurt Weill Festival, our in-Residence artist Ute Gfrerer introduced her earthly colleagues, the great divas of the 20th century, in the 2012 festival year. Since it goes without saying that the songs, chansons and melodies were the focus of the evening and classics such as "Over the Rainbow", "Lili Marlene", "Falling in Love again" or "La vie en rose" could be heard. An inspiring and moving evening that told the touching life stories of these earthly goddesses for us.


Berlin im Licht

If you want to write about the music of Kurt Weill, it would be advantageous to have had an education as a figure skater and to be versed in triple jumps on a polished surface; music, which is evident in such situations, is better to "tell" through non-verbal communication than with words. How, for example, should one describe the indescribable drive, the phenomenal quality and the simple fascination conveyed by the "little" piece of music of about 3.21 minutes, which was the title song of the 19th Kurt Weill Festival? All that remained was to invite all of Kurt Weill's friends to this concert to experience for themselves how the Ensemble Modern and HK Gruber present the catchy tune "Berlin in the light".


Angelika Kirchschlager

The Salzburg-born and globally acclaimed mezzo-soprano Angelika Kirchschlager, who has won several Echo Classic Awards and a Grammy Award, is undoubtedly one of the leading singers in her field. She is at home both in the world of opera and in the concert field on the major international stages and has caused a sensation as an outstanding Mozart interpreter in recent years. As an experienced concert singer, she has a large repertoire.

Together with the pianist Helmut Deutsch, who was already awarded the composition prize of his hometown Vienna and was musical partner of such important singers as Hermann Prey, Grace Bumbry and Anne Sophie von Otter, designed Angelika Kirchschlager this evening.