Our first live stream concert with Katharine Mehrling on Dec. 16, 2020 represented another milestone in the WEILLdigital project. Our first live stream concert.

The concert was a great success and we were asked several times to put a version on our website. Therefore, we are even more pleased to be able to present you a shortened version. Here you can get to the concert.

Das Konzert „Straßen von Berlin“ hat Katharine Mehrling mit ihrem Pianisten Ferdinand von Seebach und Bassisten HD Lorenz exklusiv für unser Format WEILLdigital konzipiert.

Strong women like Judy Garland Edith Piaf, Violetta Parra or her mother Margarete Mehrling have inspired and influenced Katharine Mehrling. From this extensive repertoire she sings, among other things, self-penned songs and transcends any genres, styles, languages and other boundaries. The way she fuses the elements of different styles is unique. The cultural magazine AnDante recently wrote: "One of the most exciting jazz voices of our time", and dedicated the entire issue to her on the founding of her label MEHRlingMUSIK.

Since her acclaimed concerts at the Komische Oper Berlin, with artistic director Barrie Kosky at the piano, Katharine Mehrling has been celebrated as a Kurt Weill interpreter. In their program "Lonely House," the two devote themselves to the French and American songs written by Kurt Weill in his Paris and New York exile.

"Katharine Mehrling sings these songs with a voice that takes in the air of Berlin, the streets of Paris and the loneliness of New York exile. It's as if they were written for her." Barrie Kosky on Katharine Mehrling. Mehrling transforms all the songs - including songs by Kurt Weill - with her extraordinary voice, giving them a velvety touch of jazz.

The path of the actress, singer and songwriter, Katharine Mehrling, led from the artistic family from Ostheim in Hessen to the drama school in New York, to London's West End for her theater debut and to Paris, where, fascinated by Edith Piaf's devotion to life and music, she followed in her footsteps. Inspired by the French attitude to life, she moved to Berlin and conquered the theater stages and her audience.

She was awarded the audience prize "Golden Curtain" six times as the most popular actress in Berlin. She was also awarded the Berlin Bear - the BZ Culture Prize - in 2016, for her exceptional charisma in the Berlin cultural scene.


Photos by Yan Rovazov