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Bauhaus Dessau

Bauhaus Dessau

Aula in the Bauhaus Dessau

Kurt Weill Centre / Haus Feininger

The Weill siblings Hanns, Nathan, Kurt (in front), Ruth

Kurt Weill's birthplace
at Leipziger Straße 59.
In 1967 the house was torn down.

Johannbau, in the background you see the towers of the Marienkirche and the Town Hall

Kurt Weill Centre / House Feininger

The Old Synagogue of Dessau was destroyed in the Reichskristallnacht in November 1938.

Supporting Programme

The town Dessau-Rosslau is always worth a visit. Dessau-Roßlau and the surrounding area is a wonderful destination for lovers of culture and nature. The history of Dessau is connected with many great personalities. Kurt Weill, Wilhelm Müller and Moses Mendelssohn were born here. Enjoy the beauty of the country and the cultural wealth.

Erik Seidel – If I could paint blue skies
Iron Sculpture | Lithography | Woodcut

An exhibition of the Anhaltischer Kunstverein Dessau
10 March to 22 April 2018
Tuesday to Sunday, 11:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Orangery of the Anhaltische Gemäldegalerie (Painting Gallery) in Dessau

Art rediscovers the substance of our world. Arbitrariness is the road to insecurity, perhaps the primal feeling of contemporary society in the 21st century. Anyone who has followed the career of Erik Seidel has seen him negotiate these artistic poles. Only 10 years ago, he explored the pathway to freedom by means of his unfettered colour compositions; yet the joy of absolute relativity didn't last long. It is the great songs of European culture that inspire Seidel's art, the basic texts of a nation, whether Dante's "Divina Commedia" or Goethe's "Faust". Without discarding his past, the artist now promises works of entirely new dimensions.

Musical inspirations

An exhibition of the Anhaltischer Kunstverein Dessau
24 February to 10 March 2018
Tuesday to Saturday, 2:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. and
Sunday, 11:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. in kunstRaum22

The wonderfully vivid music of Weill and the rich associative imagery of Brecht's dramas have inspired André Bednarczik to explore their scenic potential in order to create artworks of impressive plastic figuration.

Night of Magic and
A Winter's Journey

Literary-musical guided tour

Saturday, 24 February, 3 March and 10 March 2018,
on both days at 11:00 a.m.
Meeting point: Tourist Information, Zerbster Str. 2 c

This guided tour retraces the footsteps of the Dessau poet Wilhelm Müller as well as the stages that were important for the young Kurt Weill. Müller's Winterreise (A Winter's Journey) is set against the music, places and impulses of the budding composer.

November Group Berlin 1918-2018
Interdisciplinary perspectives

Symposium at the Meisterhaus Feininger
from 2 March to 4 April 2018
An event organised by the Kurt Weill Centre
Concept and director: Prof. Dr. Nils Grosch

Founded in December 1918 in Berlin, the November Group brought together a fascinating mix of representatives from a wide variety of artistic genres such as the fine arts, music, architecture, literature and dance. Until 1933 the group was involved in numerous groundbreaking activities. Today their common goal can perhaps best be described as the social transformation of early 20th century art to reflect the circumstances of the post-WW I period as well as the Weimar Republic.

As artists, the November Group were intent on reorganizing the world and wished to take part in decisions about (cultural-) politics. Such aims were accompanied by the desire to enhance art through a consideration of political and cultural realities.

Enlightenment meets modernity
Open Day of the Moses Mendelssohn Society

Moses Mendelssohn Centre, Bauhaus estate of Törten
Saturday, 24 February 2018, Mittelring 38,
06849 Dessau-Roßlau

"This is our human destiny: To recognise truth, to love beauty, to do good, to achieve one's best." The quote is from Moses Mendelssohn, a Dessau-born Jew who was one of the most influential German-speaking writers and philosophers of his time. His ideals of enlightenment, reason, tolerance and cultural dialogue have never lost their contemporary relevance. Founded in 1993, the Moses Mendelssohn Society of Dessau is dedicated to the research and appreciation of Mendelssohn's lifework and his impact in German-Jewish history. The Society publishes its own series of pamphlets and maintains permanent exhibitions on Mendelssohn as well as the regional history of Jewish life in Anhalt.
On this "Open Day", the Moses Mendelssohn Society invites you to visit its domicile, a carefully restored building in the Bauhaus estate of Dessau-Törten.

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