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2005 - Wayne Marshall

Wayne Marshall received his initial musical training at the Royal College of Music in Manchester, studying organ and piano. He subsequently continued his organ studies at Vienna’s Hochschule. Whilst performing an exceptionally wide repertoire at concerts and festival in the UK, Europe and the USA, this native Englishman is also engaged as Organist-in-Residence at Bridgewater Hall in Manchester.
In addition Wayne Marshall is much in demand as a Piano, song accompanist and chamber musician, in works ranging from Purcell, Mahler, Gershwin, Ravel, Stravinsky, Shostakovich to Bernstein. He is regularly invited to perform at large festivals and concerts in Europe and the USA, and always achieves great success with his versatility and interesting choice of works. He has been a guest artist on several occasions at the Bregenz Festival, where he also conducted Bernstein’s “West Side Story” on the famous floating stage.
Wayne Marshall’s list of professional activities include conducting, composing, improvisation and jazz. When improvising he combines and blends the traditions of European classical music and American jazz.

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