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JU 52 in the Radisson Fuerst Leopold hotel

Feininger Master's House
Kurt-Weill-Centre / Feininger Master's House

General Terms & Conditions

The Organiser of the Kurt Weill Festival is the Kurt Weill-Fest Dessau GmbH in cooperation with the Land Saxony-Anhalt and the City of Dessau. The General Terms and Conditions regulate the dealings between the Organiser of the Kurt Weill Festival (hereafter simply “Organiser”) and its visitors. These conditions are included in the Contract for the Purchase of Entrance Tickets. The General Terms and Conditions apply for events held as part of the Kurt Weill Festival. The Organiser reserves the rights to alter ticket prices. The Organiser does not accept responsibility for prices offered by commercial agencies and tour operators. Lost tickets cannot be replaced or refanded.

Ticket Sales
The sale of tickets through the Ticket-Hotline +49 (0)341-14 990 900 begins in the 4th quarter of the year prior to each Kurt Weill Festival. Tickets can be booked by phone, by post or online. If desired seating is not available then an alternative offer will be made. Entrance tickets can only be purchased in euros.

Ticket Returns
Purchased tickets cannot be refanded or exchanged. The Organiser reserves the right to change the time, Programme and venue of concerts as well as the choice of performers. Although tickets will not be refanded in these cases, an exchange can be organised. The ticket price for cancelled events will be refanded upon presentation of the original ticket. Any additional charges will not be refanded.
The evening box offices at the venues will generally open one hour before performance begin. After the performance has commenced late ticket-holders will only be admitted to the auditorium during an appropriate interval. If no such interval occurs then the visitor has no right of admission to the auditorium. In this case the visitor has no claim on a part or full refand of the ticket price.

Film and Soand Recording
Photography is not allowed during a performance in view of the distraction to performers. Film and/or soand recording during a performance or concert is prohibited. Non-compliance will lead to claims for damages and could result in visitors being expelled from the performance or concert.
Some events will be recorded for radio and/or television. This could impair the view of the performance for some visitors. The visitor accepts any such impairment and further agrees to the potential recording and broadcast of his/her image.

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