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Kurt Weill's birthplace at Leipziger Straße 59.
In 1967 the house was torn down.

Kurt, Nathan, and Hanns
with his grandfather Daniel Ackermann.

Kurt Weill's school in Dessau

The Ducal Palace at Dessau. Here the young Kurt Weill instructed the Duke's niece and performed on the piano.

Kurt Weill in Dessau

Kurt Weill was born March 2, 1900 in Dessau. He was the son of the Jewish cantor. The house where he was born was located in a quarter formerly called Sandvorstadt. This was the area where jews were allowed to settle down. There, also Hans Jakob (1899-1947), Kurt Julian (1900-1950) as well as his sister Ruth Weill (1901-1975) were born. In Dessau, he went to Kindergarten and to school and at the local „Herzogliche Hoftheater“ he also made his first aquaintance of theatre life. Kurt Weill wrote his first composition in Dessau and between 1915 and 1918, he was given private music lessons by Albert Bing, Kapellmeister at the „Herzogliche Hoftheater“. Before he moved to Berlin in 1920, where he became a student in Ferruccio Busoni’s master class, he was also a dedicated répétiteur at the „Herzogliche Hoftheater“.

After his parents had left Dessau and moved to Leipzig, from where they later emigrated to Palestine, Kurt Weill returned only very few times to his native town in the 1920’s. Nowadays, no original marks, left behind by the Weill family, can be foand. This is due to the large destruction of Dessau during World War II. Neither Kurt Weill’s birthplace nor the house of the Jewish community, where he lived during most of his time in Dessau and which was located nearby the likewise destruced synagogue, could be maintained.

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