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Kurt-Weill-Centre / Feininger Master's House

Kurt-Weill-Centre / Feininger Master's House

Kurt-Weill-Centre / Feininger Master's House


At the Kurt-Weill-Centre, a permanent exhibition in German and English provides information on the life and work of Kurt Weill. Besides boards that outline the various stages of Weill’s life, the visitor can learn more about the Dessau-born composer by watching a 30-minute film that features historic film sequences of Weill himself. Furthermore, one can listen to selected audio files of Weill’s music as well as a radio interview, recorded with Kurt Weill in English on 9 March 1941.
Besides this permanent exhibition, special exhibits take place regularly for the duration of the Kurt Weill Festival. They are realized in cooperation with partners, such as the City of Dessau-Rosslau or the Anhalt Art Society e.V..
The following special exhibitions have been realised so far:

1996 „Lyonel Feininger“
1997 „Bauhaus-Art“
1998 „Scenes of the Big City. Graphic Art from the 1920s
taken from the Dr. Gruber collection“
1999 „Russian Porcelain 1895 – 1935“
2000 „Exhibition with works by Kurt Schwitters“
2001 „A.M. Rodtschenko and W.F. Stepanova“
2003 „Paintings by Joachim Kuehn“
2004 „Paintings by Mac Zimmermann“
2006 Hella Guth: 10 woodcuts based on songs of the
Threepenny Opera (1932)“
2007 Kurt Weill and his contemporaries
photographed by Eric Schaal“
2008 „Einar Schleef: collection of pictures
on The Threepenny Opera
2009 “Caspar Neher: Sketches
for Stage Works by Weill“
2010 „Hagen Klennert: way of the cross“
2011 „The suspicious saxophone“
2011 „My Golden Twenties“
2012 „Noteable Heads“
Psychogram from Benedikt Fred Dolbin
2013 „Andreas Feininger – New York in the 40s“

Opening hours

March - October:
11 am to 5 pm
every day

April - September:
10 am to 5 pm
every day


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